5 days in Jamaica

Last year I went to Jamacia with my boyfriend. I was living in the Bahamas for a couple of years, but haven’t been able to explore other islands. It was a great little retreat. I don’t like touristy things, so I searched and searched for places to go on the island.


I decided I wanted to stay in Port Antonio.  I found this place Goblin Hill Villas.  This is the view from our villa. It was wonderful we had a woman that would come and make us fresh breakfast every morning and dinner every night. I was so good. We had great food made by a local!

The must-sees in Port Antonio area:

  • Blue Lagoon
  • Eat Jerk Chicken for Boston Bay
  • Walk through the town of Port Antonio
  • Have a  beach day at Frenchman’s Cove
  • Drive through the blue mountains and try Blue Mountain Coffee
  • Reach Falls
  • Listen to Ragaee in the streets on Antonio on Wednesday night


  • Rio Grande ( its a longer rafting session than the blue lagoon)
  • Montego Bay
  • Ocho Rio

Day 1:

We woke up and enjoyed a great meal, made in our villa. Then we headed on the road. We went out to see the blue lagoon.

Blue Lagoon, which is an across the street from the Goblin Hill Villas.

Tony was our guide. It is about a 2-hour raft ride around an island and a deep lagoon. It is about $60, a little expensive but worth it to swim around and check out the beautiful water.

They call these the healing springs, its really cold, water where the fish eat the dead skin off your feet.

We then went to have local jerk chicken at the birthplace. In Boston Bay, there are a bunch of different restaurants to stop and try their jerk.

Day 2:

In downtown Port Antonio, walked around the old marina town, and got ice cream by the water. It is a busy town with people on the street selling goods. On Wednesday night, there is a large reggae concert in the street. Worth checking out.

Reach Falls is really cool and worth the drive you come up to a national park. This is a beautiful waterfall you can jump off the top. You can climb up the waterfall, and there is a cave that you can hang out in the waterfall. It is a little cold, but it’s nice on a hot day. Make sure you get there early before the crowds come. We got there right when they opened; we were the second car to get there.

Day 3:

Frenchman’s cove there is an entrance fee, but it is worth it! It is a beautiful beach.  I love beach days! Sometimes you just need some sun. Make sure you wear sunscreen. They serve food and drinks so you can stay there all day.


Day 4:

Famous Blue Mountain Coffee! We climbed up the mountain in our little car. On these narrow streets, David ( my boyfriend) hated it because he is scared of heights.  But you get a really great view and drive through these little towns on the side of the road. So Blue mountain coffee is one of the best coffees in the world. It has so farmed on the blue mountains between Port Antonio and Kingston.  You can go on a tour if you want. unfortunately the only day we had time was on Sunday to drive over the mountain.  We just went on the adventure by ourselves hoping to see some coffee. 

At the very top of the mountain. We stopped for a second to look out, and see if we took a wrong turn. This man came up to us and said do you want to try coffee. We said yes. We were a little confused and worried to follow this guy into his house. We walked in, there was a whole set up to show us how they make coffee, from the green and red beans to the roasted beans you see in the store. He offered us coffee, which was so storm and to show us the trees where the beans come from. It was so good. What a cool experience!

Day 5:

 We got to our last at Strawberry Inn Hotel. It was amazing. On Sundays they have a famous spa and brunch, so after our long day of driving we got spa treatments. We checked into our room. We had the a little villa on the side of the hill over looking Kingston. This hotel was a plantation, so there are some of the original buildings that they converted into a restaurant and lounge. The hotel was owned by the same guy who owned the island records, (Bob Marley was one of their artist). Each villa had a different theme. There was an outdoor shower where you could look up at the stars and Kingston. It was a beautiful.

Last night in Jamacia! 

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