Research days… August 2013

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Today, we are starting a sting-ray project on little yellow rays. We are doing stress tests and taking their blood. So to get ready for that we set up a stingray tanks, 4 of them, there will be two rays in each tank one boy and one girl. They are so cute!!  In the afternoon it was foundation day!! We had to break up in our advisories, which are advisors to the students when they come, and get to know each other. After that we went to the beach and had beers, played volleyball, the little Bahamian babies were playing in the surf, and their round mothers chasing them! It was a great bonding afternoon. We ate ribs and mac and cheese on the beach until the sun started to go down.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

I came into work; I didn’t want to get into the water at all!! It was cold and murky in the morning because there was a storm that came through. Once we got in the water, it was a little scary because we saw a barracuda that was close to 5 feet long! It was scary because we are holding silver nets, which is known for barracuda to attack. The current was powerful as well. But once I got out there I was able to free dive down and catch two rays! It was awesome! I tend to go through phases when I get bored, and I don’t see anything new in the ocean, but today I got excited again because I saw a huge eagle ray!! about 2 feet from me. It was unbelievable. The sea surprises you at the most unexpected times.


Thursday, August 22, 2013

Today we got up super early and left for the Exumas, an island south and west from Eleuthera. There is a tag that washed up there. We drove an hour in rough seas, then swam to shore, then walked across death rock for about an hour, then tried to find the tag! It was an adventure. It is a beautiful Island! No one was there except us! It took us an hour and a half to get back. It was so refreshing to go collect the tag. The rest of the day I caught up on readings and office work. I am getting ready for the island school students, they come on Monday. I teach a research class on deep-water shark using the Medusa a deep water camera!! It is the same camera that saw the giant squid for the first time.

The Medusa!

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