When I SCUBA dive is the ultimate test on my hair. The mask and fine, thin hair don’t mix. We call it the mullae (mullet for girls). Our hair will break around your face and the back from the strap from the rubber skirt of the SCUBA mask. So some secrets that I have figured out to help with dreading and breaking strands are putting my hair in 2 french braids as SunBum 3 in 1 Leave-In Hair Conditioning Treatment ($11). I also like putting my hair in a ponytail with multiple hair ties at a different point to keep it from dreading if the braids don’t work for you. I use hair ties with no metal. One of my favorites is Teleties pack 3 ($10).

I love them because they are easy to use, they don’t break your hair, they donate Global Lyme Alliance, and they have awesome colors!!

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