Fleet week at Angel Island… What a Fall Rush

I got to go home for a weekend. I was really excited to hear that it was fleet week. It is a whole week where the Navy puts on an airshow. It is so cool, you can see the Blue Angels, and so many more planes fly so close to the city.

A funny story. We were in a hurry to meet the rest of my family. So we ran onto the ferry. We looked at the time, noticed that it left a little early. We left the dock and was in the middle of the bay. We then looked out the window and we see the Angel Island ferry go by. We looked at each other, we realized that we accidentally got on the wrong ferry. So we took a tour of the whole bay. Turned out to be fun, and it was such a beautiful day.

At Angel Island, I’m wearing an ASOS sweater, Levi jeans, Superga sneaker and Marc Jacobs bag old ( similar here and here).

We hiked around the island, found a great spot in the shade to enjoy the show!


It was a great day to view the airshow!

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