How to make a jean skirt

I’m wearing the white skirt that I made, Levis jean jacket, Jcrew flannel, and hunter boots.

I grabbed an old pair of jeans from Goodwill.

I grabbed an old pair of jeans from Goodwill. You can pick cool colors too; I made a classic blue, dark green, and burgundy so far. It is a perfect transitioning piece for the fall.

What do you need: 

  • A pair of old jeans
  • Scissors
  • Thread that matches the cloth
  • Pins
  • Needles
  • Seam ripper

Cut off the legs, leave a lot of space so you can trim it later to the length that you want.

Use the seam ripper and rip out the seam on the inside of the leg so that it is all open.

Keep using the seam ripper and open the jeans all the way to the zipper area. Make sure you rip the seams on both sides of the pants ( front and back). On the back, I ripped the seam to the bottom off the pocket.

Pull one side of the pants over the other and pin the fabric. I think that it is better to lay the skirt flat down so the fabric doesn’t buckle.

I hand sewed the skirt but if you have a sewing machine use it. It will take a lot less time.

Sew the closures close. Then turn the skirt inside out and cut off the excess fabric.

If you want the V at the bottom of the skirt, just sew the seam closed. Or if you want a shorter skirt you will probably cut it off at that point.  I wanted to keep the length and fill in the V.

The extra cloth from the lower legs can be used to fill in the space. I cut off a section and pinned it to the skirt.

Sew in the piece and cut off the excess. Then try it one and mark the length that you want. Cut the skirt to length. I like the unhemmed look, which will look better after you wash the skirt once. If you want you can sew around the rim of the skirt so that it has a clean look.

And you are done!! Enjoy your new skirt!



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