6 steps to making a sequin clutch

It is a great gift or bag for a night out. I made a couple of different colors for each of my sisters for Christmas!


(To make one)

  • 1/4 yard Sequin Fabric
  • 9″ zipper
  • 1/4 yard lining fabric
  • scissors
  • thread and needle


1. Lay out the fabric and measure out 9 inches by 11.5 inches. Cut out 2 pieces of cloth of the sequins and 2  of the lining.

Here are 2 pieces of sequin fabric, 2 pieces of liner fabric and the zipper.

 2. Lay the zipper on one piece of the lining fabric.

Then line the sequin fabric on top. Lay the sequin side down and pin the top.

Sew the row and flip it the sequin fabric. One slide is done!

3 .Do the same on the other side! Lay the lining on top of the zipper.

Then line the sequins fabric (shiny side down) to top of the zipper (see below).

Pin the top and sew along the top.

This is what it should look like on one side if you lay the zipper flat. (see below)

Then the other side….

4. Now, put the sequin fabric on one side and the lining on the other side.  You are almost done!

5. Sew along the edges of the sequin fabric. Then sew all the way around the sequin side. On the liner side sew all the way except a small part at the end. *Tip: unzip the zipper.

6. Flip the bag inside out. Keep the liner out and sew up the hole. Then put the liner back in the clutch and you are done!!! Enjoy!

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