Research Journal… September 2013

Friday, September 6th, 2013

Today was the first day of class; I taught a research class on Deepwater sharks. We use The Medusa as the camera to survey the ocean’s abundance. It was a really fun class. I think they are excited about the research.

Right after I went to Cat Island to get a satellite tag. We took a boat!! It was a 3-hour drive to Cat Island, with Edd my advisor and Carl an intern. Once we found a spot for the boat to anchor, we had to swim ashore to this beat up beach with a few local boats, mostly small dingies and run-down houses on the edge of the water. There was a little beach with a short wall that stopped at the side of the road. We were there for a hours and only saw 5 cars drive by the entire time. There was an old church across the road that was worn out; its skeleton stood with peaked windows and no roof. We passed the church and came upon two houses that were well lived in with a dog out front. We wandered down this road for twenty minutes just seeing shrubs and smaller trees and bushes, every once in a while we would see something that would remind me of that we are still in the Bahamas. We came around one corner and saw the Atlantic; it always takes my breath away how big it is and the idea that this is something that can connect all these continents around the world. The water on the Atlantic side is darker and has a completely different species than the Caribbean side of the island. We walked along cliffs on the Atlantic side until we heard the tag from the satellite antenna. When Edd carries this antenna, it looks like we are looking for something from space, or we are a bunch of weirdoes wondering these beaches in the middle of nowhere. We finally heard a bing in this small alcove along the cliffs full of seaweed. As we looked out there was a huge mound of seaweed, the water in the cove was thick and orange. We dug for 4 hours in Seaweed as the tide was coming in, we ended up building a wall of seaweed to help protect us as we are digging deeper in the cave. Edd and Carl and I have seaweed in our hair, our shorts, and everywhere you can imagine. We determined, but we had to stop before the sun came down. The boat was left in this little alcove of beach right of this beat up road. We came walking back covered in seaweed and wet from the water, to see the sunset over the water.

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