Carry on Essentials

There is a lot of traveling in the next couple of weeks visiting family and friends. I traveled a lot, over the years from living in the Bahamas and the east coast for school. I love traveling but it is tough being stuck in a seat for 6 hours or more. I have added some must haves on the plane to travel in comfort.

I always carry my computer, I need to be working where ever I’m. I like to bring a notebook so that I can write down thoughts that I have while in the sky. I like to use a large tote bag to store everything, easy to access and keep under the seat.

I carry a little make up just to feel like I wasn’t on a plane the whole day!


Cuyana tote– great easy tote, you can customize it to you.

Cuyana travel case– 2 leather cases in 2 sizes. They are great to use and hold everything.

Headphones-I like the light pink, they work great.

Eyemask– It is always nice to have a sleeping mask on the plane, people next to you turn on the lights to read or leave a window open. There is always so much going on, it is nice to shut out the world.

Waterbottle-There is so much pastic being used when traveling, from the plastic cups to the plastic waterbottles. I like to bring my owen waterbottle and fill it up in the airport before I get on the plane.

Tea– I’m always cold on airplanes. I have having a cup of tea to warm me up. But I hate the tea that the airlines. So I bring my own, and order hot water. This is one is tastes so good and boost your immune system.

Banket scarf– To help me sleep, it helps to have a blanket. I love this blanket scarf, its also on sale! Its a great peice to have a scarf or a blanket.

Lips-I always have chapped lips after I fly. I love this lip balm, it feels great but also has a little tint.

Headaches-I never drink enough water, its the worse to have a headache and being stuck on an airplane.

Best Secret-This heals everything from scabs to dry hands. I love this stuff it helps me keep heal sunburns, cuts and scratches.

Good Book– There is nothing that helps pass the time than a good book. It is kind of nice forced to actually sit down and read.

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