Easy Holiday Cards

Holiday cards!! It is a great way to show your creativity and make your gifts more personal! I love working with watercolors. I was really nervous at first beacuse you can’t just paint over  it like arcylic paint. But the key is to draw the image first. I got some watercolor paper and cut them into card size squares.

I did a lite sketch of a wreth, doesn’t have to be perfect.

Then I roughly outlined the leaves and the stem. You can change the shade of the green with less or more water.

I added some dynamic color range by adding more water to fill in the leaves. I used the same color of green just used different weights of water.

It is great to have some red on the card to make it feel festive. I added  the red berries.

I used black watercolor to write “joy”.

The last step is to wait until it is dry! and erase pencil!!!

You can also use the same watercolors to paint little cards for gift wrapping. I cut watercolor paper into little squares and labeled them “To:” and “From:”.

With pencil and drew some little images on the slips of watercolor paper.

Just filled in with watercolor.

Let dry and erase! Enjoy your cards to share during the holidays!

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