Bahamas- Harbor Island

I lived on a small “family Island” in the Bahamas for three years. I love the small set of Caribbean Island near Florida. I didn’t expect to fall in love with the islands, but I kept going back.

The capital, Nassau is on main Island, New Providence; the most famous island is a small island attached to New Providence called Paradise Island. This is where the famous pink Atlantis and other famous all-inclusive resorts. All of these Hotels are great! It just depends on what kind of trip to the Bahamas you want.

I like a little more local trip. I like to get to know the Islands and culture. Eleuthera is one of my favorite islands. Eleuthera means “freedom” it is a small flight from Nassau, or you can get a flight from Florida. The world-famous pink sands are located on the eastern side of this island.

Harbor Island is a quaint little island off of Eleuthera. You should fly into North Eleuthera Airport. Then take a taxi to the ferry ($5) to get to Harbor Island. Note: Bring some cash, they use American dollars. The main source of transport is by golf cart. You can rent a golf cart for ($50 a day). When you get to the dock, you can look up at the hill and see all the colorful little houses. This island is known for their color houses and rosters. You will see and hear roster everywhere. This is a great place to visit; it has a little of everything. You can go deep-sea fishing, SCUBA, shop, and just lay on the beach and enjoy. I use to come up to Harbor Island just to get away from work on the weekends.

I’m wearing an old dress (but similar here or here), bag similar, sunglasses, and sandals.


The locals call it “Bri island.” It was once the capital of the Bahamas and the second largest city to Nassau in the 1900s. It was known for shipbuilding, and sugar refinement in the late 1800s.

Great places to stay:

My favorite place to stay on the island is Pink Sands it is one of the most historic hotels on the island. It has a beautiful gate with vines climbing up and Beynon trees in the entrance. There is a main lobby that has a great restaurant.

I’m wearing an old dress ( but similar herehere or here), bag similar, and sandals.

Where to stay?

One of the best places to stay is The Dunmore. It is very pricey but so beautiful. They are famous for their white and turquoise colors. If you are willing to spend the extra dollars, it is a real treat. If you don’t want to stay, there you can always grab lunch or brunch there. The restaurant is right on the beach. You can check out the hotel too.

The Ocean View Resort is a newer hotel. It is a little boutique hotel that has a nice mix of beachy vibes and a unique flare. I would love to stay there when I visit again.

Coral Sands is next to pink sands. It has a great pool, and two different bars one close to the main lobby and one by the ocean. It is a great, beautiful resort it just doesn’t have the vintage feel that the some of the other places have.

Valentines is a great place to stay on the marina side of the island. If you want to have more access to the marina for fishing and diving. The units have more of an apartment feel, with a full kitchen. It does have pool and walking distance to downtown and the beach.

The Landing is a boutique hotel overlooking the marina on a historic property dating back 1800s. The rooms are inspired by India Hicks is a classic plantation style with colonial and Carribean character. It is a great place to grab dinner; it has a great island vibe with white wall and dark accents. They have indoor and outdoor dining in their lit up courtyard.

What to do?

The Bahamas is a great place to visit if you love the ocean. You can spend hours on the beach. It is a great beach to run on in the morning before it gets to hot. At Coral Sands there is yoga sometimes. Most of the hotels have paddle boards, kayaks, and floaties to play in the waves. There is great snorkeling a little farther off shore. Just ask the locals where to go. If you want to try SCUBA (which I highly recomend) or if you are certified their is great diving in the area. If you like fishing there are deep-sea fishing usually during the spring. You might catch a Mahi Mahi or a Wahoo! There is so much to do, even rent a car and explore more of the island.

Why is There Pink Sands

Harbor Island is most known for the pale pink beaches. The sand is consist of coral, broken shells, and calcium carbonate from tiny marine rocks. The pink color comes from tiny microscopic shelled animals known as Foraminifera.

Coffee and Breakfast

Bahamas Coffee Roaster roasts their coffee! Its so good, my favorite is Junkanoo. I always buy a bag when I’m there. It has a great outdoor space, to sit in the morning and watch the town wake up.

Arthur’s Bakery is a great little place to grab little sweet baked goods.  A painted the famous Bahama pink building. It’s also where the famous white pineapple fence.

Sweet Spot Cafe is a great little place on the water that has healthy smoothies and bowls. It is a great place to get a recovery food from a hangover!



I would definitely recommend Sip Sip. It is just off the beach. So it is perfect to come from the beach and get some good Bahamian food! It is bright green you can’t miss it!

The Rock House is a great place to grab lunch overlooking the marina. Last time I was at “Bri land” I had cocktails there before going to dinner. you can watch the sunset over the water on that side of the island.



There are a lot of great places to eat, and most hotels have a restaurant. I’m only going to list my favorites.

I love The Landing’s restaurant,  excellent contemporary menu based on local produce and freshly caught fish and seafood.

The Dunmore, you can wander inside a cozy, breeze-filled dining room or in the open air on the breathtaking ocean view terrace.

Coral Sands has a great menu of indoor/outdoor dining. The dining room is surrounded by old black and white photographs of Harbor Island.


Enjoy exploring the island, there is so much to do and explore! Don’t be afraid to rent a car and explore more of Eleuthera.

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