California Chic With a Poncho

Wearing a poncho makes me feel wat chicer than I actually I’m. When I was wearing this outfit, my friend said: “you look so California chic.” All I can think was “I do?”, I guess I do. When I put on this poncho, I always think that I belong in the mountains or the desert somewhere.

I’m wearing Rag and Bone hat, Madewell jeans, Sezane boots, white shirt, and Poncho is old, but here is similar.

I love wearing a poncho, but it is hard to figure what to wear under it. I paired it here with a white button down. I have paired it with a dark-colored long sleeve t-shirt before. I think it is better to pair it with something simple.

I love wearing hats; I use to wear fedoras on the water when I was out sampling. It was great to have a warm hat that saved my face from the sun. I kinda felt like a pirate. I think with a poncho it just ads a little western feel to the outfit. I think it tops it off well. I’m wearing a rag and bone hat. I have this hat in 3 different colors. I love this hat; it can make an outfit.

I paired a poncho with my favorite pair of jeans right now. They are Madewell Jeans, they come in black and white as well. I’m trying to decide if I should do it. I also love these boots, they are from Sezane. They are high, but so comfortable.

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