How to make Tassel Earrings!

I’m a graduate student, and money is always tight. I love making gifts. Homemade gifts can be more personal, and it saves money! So stay tuned for a couple of posts coming up with easy holiday gifts. I don’t have my ears pierced, but all the women in my family do. Tassel earrings are very in style right now, could not be more perfect!


  • Embroidery thread ( pick and choose your colors, I like to have gold to have that elevated look)
  • Scissors
  • Needle and thread
  • Earrings ( you can buy some on Etsy here)

Step 1:

Cut off a section of the embroidery thread so that you can use later. With each embroidery thread will make two tassels.

Step 2 & 3:

Measure out half of the embroidery thread. Bend the thread in half.



Step 4: 

With the extra thread, you set aside on the beginning tie off at the middle. Tie it as a tie as you can.


Step 5:

Cut both looped ends so that it looks like the picture on the right.


Step 6:

Now bend the embroidery thread in half and wrap the extra embroidery thread from the beginning. This has to be really tight. I like to wrap it a couple of times.


Step 7:

Cut off the uneven frayed end. Then do the other half of the embroidery thread.


Almost done!! You have 2 new tassels. Adding gold is optional. Just cut off a small section and wrap it around the top.

Step 8:

With the needle and thread, add the tassels. You can change the order or add more or fewer tassels.


Step 9:

Tie off the top and add the earrings.


There you have it!! A great pair of earrings for you or a loved one! Enjoy!

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Easy Holiday Cards

Holiday cards!! It is a great way to show your creativity and make your gifts more personal! I love working with watercolors. I was really nervous at first beacuse you can’t just paint over  it like arcylic paint. But the key is to draw the image first. I got some watercolor paper and cut them into card size squares.

I did a lite sketch of a wreth, doesn’t have to be perfect.

Then I roughly outlined the leaves and the stem. You can change the shade of the green with less or more water.

I added some dynamic color range by adding more water to fill in the leaves. I used the same color of green just used different weights of water.

It is great to have some red on the card to make it feel festive. I added  the red berries.

I used black watercolor to write “joy”.

The last step is to wait until it is dry! and erase pencil!!!

You can also use the same watercolors to paint little cards for gift wrapping. I cut watercolor paper into little squares and labeled them “To:” and “From:”.

With pencil and drew some little images on the slips of watercolor paper.

Just filled in with watercolor.

Let dry and erase! Enjoy your cards to share during the holidays!

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6 steps to making a sequin clutch

It is a great gift or bag for a night out. I made a couple of different colors for each of my sisters for Christmas!


(To make one)

  • 1/4 yard Sequin Fabric
  • 9″ zipper
  • 1/4 yard lining fabric
  • scissors
  • thread and needle


1. Lay out the fabric and measure out 9 inches by 11.5 inches. Cut out 2 pieces of cloth of the sequins and 2  of the lining.

Here are 2 pieces of sequin fabric, 2 pieces of liner fabric and the zipper.

 2. Lay the zipper on one piece of the lining fabric.

Then line the sequin fabric on top. Lay the sequin side down and pin the top.

Sew the row and flip it the sequin fabric. One slide is done!

3 .Do the same on the other side! Lay the lining on top of the zipper.

Then line the sequins fabric (shiny side down) to top of the zipper (see below).

Pin the top and sew along the top.

This is what it should look like on one side if you lay the zipper flat. (see below)

Then the other side….

4. Now, put the sequin fabric on one side and the lining on the other side.  You are almost done!

5. Sew along the edges of the sequin fabric. Then sew all the way around the sequin side. On the liner side sew all the way except a small part at the end. *Tip: unzip the zipper.

6. Flip the bag inside out. Keep the liner out and sew up the hole. Then put the liner back in the clutch and you are done!!! Enjoy!

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How to make a jean skirt

I’m wearing the white skirt that I made, Levis jean jacket, Jcrew flannel, and hunter boots.

I grabbed an old pair of jeans from Goodwill.

I grabbed an old pair of jeans from Goodwill. You can pick cool colors too; I made a classic blue, dark green, and burgundy so far. It is a perfect transitioning piece for the fall.

What do you need: 

  • A pair of old jeans
  • Scissors
  • Thread that matches the cloth
  • Pins
  • Needles
  • Seam ripper

Cut off the legs, leave a lot of space so you can trim it later to the length that you want.

Use the seam ripper and rip out the seam on the inside of the leg so that it is all open.

Keep using the seam ripper and open the jeans all the way to the zipper area. Make sure you rip the seams on both sides of the pants ( front and back). On the back, I ripped the seam to the bottom off the pocket.

Pull one side of the pants over the other and pin the fabric. I think that it is better to lay the skirt flat down so the fabric doesn’t buckle.

I hand sewed the skirt but if you have a sewing machine use it. It will take a lot less time.

Sew the closures close. Then turn the skirt inside out and cut off the excess fabric.

If you want the V at the bottom of the skirt, just sew the seam closed. Or if you want a shorter skirt you will probably cut it off at that point.  I wanted to keep the length and fill in the V.

The extra cloth from the lower legs can be used to fill in the space. I cut off a section and pinned it to the skirt.

Sew in the piece and cut off the excess. Then try it one and mark the length that you want. Cut the skirt to length. I like the unhemmed look, which will look better after you wash the skirt once. If you want you can sew around the rim of the skirt so that it has a clean look.

And you are done!! Enjoy your new skirt!



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DIY -Embroidery

I love downtime. It is so nice to create something while having some time to decompress from the day. I found this shirt at a thrift store, but it has a hole it in so, I wanted to fix it up. Right now there is a lot of flowers with embroidery. So I wanted to add a mix of different flowers with different textures and colors. You can make an old shirt into a new shirt!

Things you need:

-Embroidery needles ( the eye of the needle is a little bigger )

-Embroidery thread

-A pair of scissors

-your creativity!

You can get so creative with embroidery. I like florals cause they are in, and ad a little pink in my wardrobe. I don’t have much. Here are some other shirts I have worked on.


Happy crafting!

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