Burgundy Night Out

I’m wearing Theory pants similar here, Stuart Weitzman boots, Walter Baker leather jacket, and Tibi silk shirt.

I love this color trend, where you wear all the same color or shades of the same color. I also love these pants. I have little thicker thighs because of my college lacrosse days. They are much more flattering than skinny pants. They can make you look so skinny, and focus on your narrow waist. The main thing when pairing wide pants, you have to wear something tighter as a top, because it can make you look big all over. I paired it with a silk cami from Tibi (here). I love to try these pants with a tight turtleneck (here).

I love the weather in San Francisco, but I’m always cold, so I love to layer. I always feel like if you live in SF, you need a good leather jacket and good booties. I love this burgundy jacket from Walter Baker leather jacket. It is great to pair it with black, blue, navy, white anything. It is great to have a leather jacket that isn’t just black or brown.

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California Chic With a Poncho

Wearing a poncho makes me feel wat chicer than I actually I’m. When I was wearing this outfit, my friend said: “you look so California chic.” All I can think was “I do?”, I guess I do. When I put on this poncho, I always think that I belong in the mountains or the desert somewhere.

I’m wearing Rag and Bone hat, Madewell jeans, Sezane boots, white shirt, and Poncho is old, but here is similar.

I love wearing a poncho, but it is hard to figure what to wear under it. I paired it here with a white button down. I have paired it with a dark-colored long sleeve t-shirt before. I think it is better to pair it with something simple.

I love wearing hats; I use to wear fedoras on the water when I was out sampling. It was great to have a warm hat that saved my face from the sun. I kinda felt like a pirate. I think with a poncho it just ads a little western feel to the outfit. I think it tops it off well. I’m wearing a rag and bone hat. I have this hat in 3 different colors. I love this hat; it can make an outfit.

I paired a poncho with my favorite pair of jeans right now. They are Madewell Jeans, they come in black and white as well. I’m trying to decide if I should do it. I also love these boots, they are from Sezane. They are high, but so comfortable.

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Winter brights

Valentines Day is coming up. I can’t wait for my boyfriend to visit. I love wearing this bright color in the winter. It brightens up my day and makes it feel a little less dark. A red sweater is a classic; you can wear a great red sweater all year round.  This color sweater also brings out the pattern in the mules. I love pairing a bright color with a classic pair of Levis jeans. I love these jeans I wear them all the time. They have a little stretch and a classic color blue.

I’m wearing Levi Jeans, Autumn Cashmere sweater old ( similar here and here), Joie mules, and Gigi bag.

A friend and I were driving to Thomasville, GA. It is a little town just over the Florida Georgia border. Sometimes when you are in graduate school, you just need a break from everything. It helps to go and get a change of scenery. On the way there we found this plantation. I love learning about a little history of the south. It is so different from California where I grew up.

It is so cool to see these old estates survive the wars, time, depression, generations, and so much more. They take so much pride in their gardens most of the plantations I have seen have these beautiful gardens. Can’t wait to have a picnic with my boyfriend there.



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Point Reyes Beach

Just north of San Francisco, there is a little ranch town named Point Reyes. If you like food fresh from the source this place has it. Cowgirl Creamery is a famous cheese made there, as well as Oysters from Tomales Bay.

One of my favorite things to do is go down and get fresh bread and cheese from the creamery and head north to get fresh oysters. You can sit there on the beach and eat them right there out of the bay.

Pro tip: Bring a shucker ( you can rent one), a blanket to sit on, a knife, lemon, hot sauce, and other goodies for lunch.

I’m wearing Barbour jacket, Illesteva sunglasses, theory sweater old similar (here and here), Rag and bone hat, Madewell jeans, James Perse shirt, and Blundstone boots.

It is sometimes so nice just to wear a pair of jeans and a perfect white shirt. I always get cold so I have layers when it gets windy throughout the day. But nothing beats the classic white T-shirt and jeans.

There is Beach just west of the town, that is really remote. The Point Reyes Lighthouse is just beyond that. It is so beautiful there. You can just walk on the beach and not see anyone for miles. You can just sit and watch the waves come in and crash on the shore.

The Ice plant: The ice plant is an invasive species that was introduced from South Africa. It was added to help with stabilizing the sand along the coast. It takes over the landscape, even though it is beautiful with the greens, and reds, it doesn’t allow the native plants to live in the area. There are efforts by the forest service to reduce the amount of cover.


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Lazy Sunday…

Last Sunday, I wanted to just enjoy the time in San Francisco. So I just threw on some clothes went to brunch.We went to Rose’s it has a great breakfast pizza. Since I have gotten back from the Bahamas my hair is starting to get so dark. It’s so funny to look at these photos. It looks like I haven’t showered in days! I have this bright blonde bun. Sometimes I don’t shower until I workout that day so it motivates me to get to the gym (a little secret).

I’m wearing Margert O’leary sweater, Frame jeans, and Joie mules.

I got this new sweater from Margeret O’leary ( local San Francisco brand). It is so cute and it’s on sale (here). It is so easy, it’s a crop sweater and a turtleneck. I can’t wait to wear it with a cute skirt and knee-high boots. It’s not cashmere, but it is really warm and cozy.

I love this Joie shoes, they have faux fur on the inside and an awesome satin pattern. They are just such a cool twist on smoking shoes. They are so easy to slip on and run around in them. They give me a little style when I don’t want to try.

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Sunset at Stinson Beach

I’m now writing my masters thesis, so I don’t have to get back to Florida right as classes start, I can work from home. It is so much better to be at home. This beach was the start my inspiration to start my work on being a marine biologist. This beach is where I trained for lacrosse, where I learned to love the sea, where I go to escape stress, and it is my place. It is so important to have a “place” where you can escape the stress of the world.

Outfit details:

Madewell jeans, Blundstone boots, Calypso sweater old found one, but here and here are similar.

For me, this is a perfect place to escape from the San Francisco. I’m not a big city person, but it is easier to live in San Francisco than out of the city for parking and access to work. But it is important to find places you can escape. For me, I love to look out on to the ocean or to hike through the woods. Find your happy place.


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Navy Dress at a Fall Wedding

I went to a wedding the weekend before Thanksgiving down in Palo Alto. Can you believe it was the same day as the big game! (that is when Stanford and Cal play). I was so excited to see old friends from college. Living in Florida is hard to keep touch. It is difficult to figure out what to wear, it’s getting cold, and I don’t want to wear a little summer dress. I found this navy floral dress, which was perfect for the fall.

It was so lovely to see the trees colors change this time of year and the fresh air. I made my earrings and clutch. They went perfectly with my dress brought out the orchids. I matched it with a leather jacket to keep me warm; I don’t have a photo.

I couldn’t find the same dress, but here are some others that I saw. I love navy; it looks good on everyone.  I love the florals for the fall.


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How to make a jean skirt

I’m wearing the white skirt that I made, Levis jean jacket, Jcrew flannel, and hunter boots.

I grabbed an old pair of jeans from Goodwill.

I grabbed an old pair of jeans from Goodwill. You can pick cool colors too; I made a classic blue, dark green, and burgundy so far. It is a perfect transitioning piece for the fall.

What do you need: 

  • A pair of old jeans
  • Scissors
  • Thread that matches the cloth
  • Pins
  • Needles
  • Seam ripper

Cut off the legs, leave a lot of space so you can trim it later to the length that you want.

Use the seam ripper and rip out the seam on the inside of the leg so that it is all open.

Keep using the seam ripper and open the jeans all the way to the zipper area. Make sure you rip the seams on both sides of the pants ( front and back). On the back, I ripped the seam to the bottom off the pocket.

Pull one side of the pants over the other and pin the fabric. I think that it is better to lay the skirt flat down so the fabric doesn’t buckle.

I hand sewed the skirt but if you have a sewing machine use it. It will take a lot less time.

Sew the closures close. Then turn the skirt inside out and cut off the excess fabric.

If you want the V at the bottom of the skirt, just sew the seam closed. Or if you want a shorter skirt you will probably cut it off at that point.  I wanted to keep the length and fill in the V.

The extra cloth from the lower legs can be used to fill in the space. I cut off a section and pinned it to the skirt.

Sew in the piece and cut off the excess. Then try it one and mark the length that you want. Cut the skirt to length. I like the unhemmed look, which will look better after you wash the skirt once. If you want you can sew around the rim of the skirt so that it has a clean look.

And you are done!! Enjoy your new skirt!



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3 go to Patagonia coats for fall

It’s finally getting cold. I always need to layer. It is so easy to through a down coat in my backpack that is light and easy. Here are some of my favorite Patagonia jackets.

The Better Sweater is a classic. This coat is so cozy, and perfect for every day. It is a great layering sweater. It is a perfect combination of a fleece and sweater.


The Ultralight Down Hoody was my favorite on the Kilimanjaro and I have been wearing it at night when it gets colder in the fall.  I love throwing this on after a run or a sweater to help block the wind.

My favorite jacket is the Radalie Jacket. This coat is perfect when I want a little style. Walking around town and going to events without looking too outdoorsy. I got it in a hunter green, which looks great with jeans.

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Pumpkins finally!

I’m in Florida and it is still hot in mid-October. It is hard to wear sweaters and coats when it is still 80F outside. So I made this skirt. I got an old pair of jeans and made a skirt. I will post how to make a jean skirt soon! I love looking at all the different shapes and color of pumpkins in the fall. The weather doesn’t make it feel like it is fall, but being around all these pumpkins makes me feel the festive air.

Wearing: The skirt I made but similar( here, here, and here), old Madewell shirt similar here and here, and Barney’s loafers.

Photos by Abbey Engleman.

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Day on the bay- sailing and exploring

What is better than getting on the water. I love being out there. I highly recommend getting on the water, a sailboat, a whaling boat, or even kayak when you visit San Francisco.

I have a friend that has a sailboat. My friend Katy and I got to go out for the afternoon. It was such a pretty day. I could go out every day and enjoy the water.

Wearing a Margaret O’Leary sweater old ( similar here and here), Levis, Converse, and Maui Jim Sunglasses.

When you get on a boat, the most important thing is to protect your eyes, and have shoes that have grip. I always wearing my Maui Jims sunglasses, because they have great polaroid sunglasses made for the water. When I’m working on the boats doing research, I wear rainboots so that I can hose them off after, but in a more social setting, I like to wearing converse or sneakers with a rubber sole.

My best friend Katy out on the bay! Taking the wheel!



There is nothing more peaceful than listening to the water and wind while looking at the Golden Gate Bridge.

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Fleet week at Angel Island… What a Fall Rush

I got to go home for a weekend. I was really excited to hear that it was fleet week. It is a whole week where the Navy puts on an airshow. It is so cool, you can see the Blue Angels, and so many more planes fly so close to the city.

A funny story. We were in a hurry to meet the rest of my family. So we ran onto the ferry. We looked at the time, noticed that it left a little early. We left the dock and was in the middle of the bay. We then looked out the window and we see the Angel Island ferry go by. We looked at each other, we realized that we accidentally got on the wrong ferry. So we took a tour of the whole bay. Turned out to be fun, and it was such a beautiful day.

At Angel Island, I’m wearing an ASOS sweater, Levi jeans, Superga sneaker and Marc Jacobs bag old ( similar here and here).

We hiked around the island, found a great spot in the shade to enjoy the show!


It was a great day to view the airshow!

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