Gifts for her

It is always hard to tell your friends and family what to get you. I always donate money or “I don’t know.” Here are some ideas for your friends for you, or you for your friends, sister, or mom. I have a mix of outdoor gear and a little glam.


One of my favorites is the fresh products. I love these products I use them every day. My skin gets dry really quickly, this product solve this. Another one of my favorites is the swell waterbottle I use mine all the time! I love saving plastic by using a water bottle instead. There are some great colors and patterns!


Some of my favorites are the Patagonia Better Sweater, Allbirds, and GlamGlow Mud. I love my better sweater; I wear it everywhere. It is perfect for the water, the mountains, and for everyday life. I want Allbirds! They are so comfortable, and you don’t have to wear socks! I love being barefoot. Glamglow is amazing. I love having clear skin. Whenever I feel like I’m about to break out, I put this one, and it clears everything. Definitely going to give it to my sister this year.


There are so many things on this list that I love and want! One of my favorites is Cuyana travel cases. I use them every day. They are amazing and really cute! Another favorite is the Patagonia black hole backpack. This is a perfect waterproof backpack. For me, everything I own needs to be waterproof when I get into the field. This bag is a must. Last year I got the luggage from the same line.

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Gifts to for him

It is so hard to get gifts for guys. I always have a hard time with my brother, dad, and boyfriend. Here are some ideas in different price ranges.


One of my the favorites in the $50 and under is the Suede Moccasin Minnetonka; they are a perfect for those winter mornings. Another favorite is the tile. It helps when my brother keeps losing his keys. He always leaves them somewhere in his car or on the beach while he is surfing. They have a wallet version and one for the key ring.



One of my favorites is better sweater from Patagonia. He can wear this fleece/sweater anywhere on a hike or to dinner. It is a great sweater. Another one is the Champagne saber. It is just cool! And they will think it is awesome too!




One of my favorites is Luminox watch. I have the women’s version. It is amazing, my brother breaks all his watches in the ocean or somehow. This is thing is man proof. It is made for Navy Seals! I like the black version. I also love a great belt for my man. He always has borning black, and brown. I got this one last year for my brother and my boyfriend and they love it!

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