Tis the Season for Giving

It is always hard to figure out what organizations to donate to every year. I focused on ocean-based organizations that I believe in; some are regional and some national and international. It is so important that we support organizations that rely on community support to survive and do well. These are some of my favorites, but there are so many more. I think it is important to do research and make sure that your money gets used for the most effective way to cause change. Some of these places love volunteers, so you don’t have to donate money but volunteer’s time makes some of these places run. So check them out.


  • If you have a passion for marine mammals, this is a great organization to donate to. They focus on marine mammals, but the health of our oceans as a whole. Marine Conservation Institute is dedicated to securing permanent, strong protection for the oceans’ most important places – for us and future generations. They work with scientist, politicians, government officials, and other organizations to identify key threats and build towards workable solutions.

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   Here is a link to Donate: Marine Conservation Institue

  • This a big organization that addresses a huge variety of environments and programs; from ocean acidification, sustainable fisheries, ocean climate, restore gulf Mexico, trash free seas, protecting the artic, and smart ocean planning. Together, they create science-based solutions for a healthy ocean and the wildlife and communities that depend on it. With the help of donors like you, Ocean Conservancy is developing innovative solutions to save our ocean.

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Here is a link to Donate: Ocean Conservancy

  • Oceana is another large organization that focuses all over the world. Oceana is dedicated to protecting and restoring the world’s oceans on a global scale. Oceana’s on-the-water expeditions have resulted in multiple campaign victories. These expeditions allow Oceana to photograph, film and research seamounts and other unique marine ecosystems and to bring them to life for policymakers and the public. This enables Oceana to win policy victories that protect these special places.

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Here is a link to Donate: Oceana

San Fransisco Bay Area: 

  • If you love seals, this is an awesome place for you. They rescue seals! It is amazing, and so much fun. I volunteered my time there in college. At the Marine Mammal Center, they are guided and inspired by a shared vision of a healthy ocean for marine mammals and humans alike. Thier mission is to advance global ocean conservation through marine mammal rescue and rehabilitation, scientific research, and education.

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Here is a link to Donate: Marine Mammal Insitute

  • The California Academy of Sciences is based in San Francisco. They have an exhibit that explores the rainforest, swamps, the universe, the oceans, and evolution. Their main mission is to explore, explain and sustain. They have a wonderful research team that explores the work around us. One of the most important things is to explain, educate teachers and students on new research and about the environment around the world. The next step to advancing our world is sustaining our environment.  Through research and education can start working towards preserving and protecting our earth. With your donation can help support Academy research and programs, including school field trips for 130,000+ students annually.

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Here is a link to Donate: California Academy of Sciences 

Happy changing the world and Happy Holidays.

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Christmas Decor

Usually, my family go into the woods of Tahoe and cut down our tree. This year most of my family got sick over Thanksgiving, so we bought a tree this year. My boyfriend and I got this little tree. It is so cute.

I love having simple but beautiful decorations. Just simple white lights.

We went to Fort Mason; The Guardsmen sell Christmas trees for charity. It is a really cool charity; they focus on the youth, and youth programs. What is better than going to a beautiful old warehouse buy a Christmas tree for charity. It is so important to help out local charities during the holidays. They have a have a holiday party on Dec 16th at 8 pm. I can’t wait to go.

Had my friends dog for the week, we brought her to the lot. She was smelling every tree!

I’m wearing Levis shirt, Fannel shirt, vest (old similar here and here), llbean boots, and Madewell jeans.

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Gifts for her

It is always hard to tell your friends and family what to get you. I always donate money or “I don’t know.” Here are some ideas for your friends for you, or you for your friends, sister, or mom. I have a mix of outdoor gear and a little glam.


One of my favorites is the fresh products. I love these products I use them every day. My skin gets dry really quickly, this product solve this. Another one of my favorites is the swell waterbottle I use mine all the time! I love saving plastic by using a water bottle instead. There are some great colors and patterns!


Some of my favorites are the Patagonia Better Sweater, Allbirds, and GlamGlow Mud. I love my better sweater; I wear it everywhere. It is perfect for the water, the mountains, and for everyday life. I want Allbirds! They are so comfortable, and you don’t have to wear socks! I love being barefoot. Glamglow is amazing. I love having clear skin. Whenever I feel like I’m about to break out, I put this one, and it clears everything. Definitely going to give it to my sister this year.


There are so many things on this list that I love and want! One of my favorites is Cuyana travel cases. I use them every day. They are amazing and really cute! Another favorite is the Patagonia black hole backpack. This is a perfect waterproof backpack. For me, everything I own needs to be waterproof when I get into the field. This bag is a must. Last year I got the luggage from the same line.

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How to make Tassel Earrings!

I’m a graduate student, and money is always tight. I love making gifts. Homemade gifts can be more personal, and it saves money! So stay tuned for a couple of posts coming up with easy holiday gifts. I don’t have my ears pierced, but all the women in my family do. Tassel earrings are very in style right now, could not be more perfect!


  • Embroidery thread ( pick and choose your colors, I like to have gold to have that elevated look)
  • Scissors
  • Needle and thread
  • Earrings ( you can buy some on Etsy here)

Step 1:

Cut off a section of the embroidery thread so that you can use later. With each embroidery thread will make two tassels.

Step 2 & 3:

Measure out half of the embroidery thread. Bend the thread in half.



Step 4: 

With the extra thread, you set aside on the beginning tie off at the middle. Tie it as a tie as you can.


Step 5:

Cut both looped ends so that it looks like the picture on the right.


Step 6:

Now bend the embroidery thread in half and wrap the extra embroidery thread from the beginning. This has to be really tight. I like to wrap it a couple of times.


Step 7:

Cut off the uneven frayed end. Then do the other half of the embroidery thread.


Almost done!! You have 2 new tassels. Adding gold is optional. Just cut off a small section and wrap it around the top.

Step 8:

With the needle and thread, add the tassels. You can change the order or add more or fewer tassels.


Step 9:

Tie off the top and add the earrings.


There you have it!! A great pair of earrings for you or a loved one! Enjoy!

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Gifts to for him

It is so hard to get gifts for guys. I always have a hard time with my brother, dad, and boyfriend. Here are some ideas in different price ranges.


One of my the favorites in the $50 and under is the Suede Moccasin Minnetonka; they are a perfect for those winter mornings. Another favorite is the tile. It helps when my brother keeps losing his keys. He always leaves them somewhere in his car or on the beach while he is surfing. They have a wallet version and one for the key ring.



One of my favorites is better sweater from Patagonia. He can wear this fleece/sweater anywhere on a hike or to dinner. It is a great sweater. Another one is the Champagne saber. It is just cool! And they will think it is awesome too!




One of my favorites is Luminox watch. I have the women’s version. It is amazing, my brother breaks all his watches in the ocean or somehow. This is thing is man proof. It is made for Navy Seals! I like the black version. I also love a great belt for my man. He always has borning black, and brown. I got this one last year for my brother and my boyfriend and they love it!

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Easy Holiday Cards

Holiday cards!! It is a great way to show your creativity and make your gifts more personal! I love working with watercolors. I was really nervous at first beacuse you can’t just paint over  it like arcylic paint. But the key is to draw the image first. I got some watercolor paper and cut them into card size squares.

I did a lite sketch of a wreth, doesn’t have to be perfect.

Then I roughly outlined the leaves and the stem. You can change the shade of the green with less or more water.

I added some dynamic color range by adding more water to fill in the leaves. I used the same color of green just used different weights of water.

It is great to have some red on the card to make it feel festive. I added  the red berries.

I used black watercolor to write “joy”.

The last step is to wait until it is dry! and erase pencil!!!

You can also use the same watercolors to paint little cards for gift wrapping. I cut watercolor paper into little squares and labeled them “To:” and “From:”.

With pencil and drew some little images on the slips of watercolor paper.

Just filled in with watercolor.

Let dry and erase! Enjoy your cards to share during the holidays!

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6 steps to making a sequin clutch

It is a great gift or bag for a night out. I made a couple of different colors for each of my sisters for Christmas!


(To make one)

  • 1/4 yard Sequin Fabric
  • 9″ zipper
  • 1/4 yard lining fabric
  • scissors
  • thread and needle


1. Lay out the fabric and measure out 9 inches by 11.5 inches. Cut out 2 pieces of cloth of the sequins and 2  of the lining.

Here are 2 pieces of sequin fabric, 2 pieces of liner fabric and the zipper.

 2. Lay the zipper on one piece of the lining fabric.

Then line the sequin fabric on top. Lay the sequin side down and pin the top.

Sew the row and flip it the sequin fabric. One slide is done!

3 .Do the same on the other side! Lay the lining on top of the zipper.

Then line the sequins fabric (shiny side down) to top of the zipper (see below).

Pin the top and sew along the top.

This is what it should look like on one side if you lay the zipper flat. (see below)

Then the other side….

4. Now, put the sequin fabric on one side and the lining on the other side.  You are almost done!

5. Sew along the edges of the sequin fabric. Then sew all the way around the sequin side. On the liner side sew all the way except a small part at the end. *Tip: unzip the zipper.

6. Flip the bag inside out. Keep the liner out and sew up the hole. Then put the liner back in the clutch and you are done!!! Enjoy!

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