Explore South Eleuthera- Bahamas

There is so much of Eleuthera to check out. I think it was better to split blog post into mini blog posts. There is just so much to cover. Plus it is an amazing place. That is worth exploring every part.

The best way to see Eleuthera is renting a car. Renting a car on a tiny island is hard and fun! There are no rental agencies that you are used to; they are sometimes personal cars. It can also be a little expensive around ($80-100), but totally worth it. Get an SUV if you can so you can drive off the road to some of the beaches. Here is a link for more information.

Places to See:

One of the best snorkeling stops on the island is Half Sound. If you want to explore the world under the waves. Throw on your mask and explore Half Sound. You will be surrounded by nurse sharks, turtles, and beautiful corals.

The largest town in south Eleuthera is Rock Sound. It is a little town nestled in the on the water. It is a small town that sees very little tourists. You can see the rainbow painted houses. The is a cute white church right on the water.There is a cute little shop call the “The Blue Seahorse” that sells local crafts. It is definitely worth a stop.

Cape Eleuthera Institute is a must see! I worked here, so I’m a little biased.     It is a marine lab that works with the community and education. Not only do they work with a high school semester program but as well as educating the local community. Stop by and ask for a tutor, see the organisms in the tanks, find out what kind of research is going on.

Lighthouse Beach: The number one place that I would definitely go to is Lighthouse Beach. If you want to feel like you have a beach for only for you. It is an isolated beach at the end of the road on the very southeastern tip of Eleuthera. It is the most beautiful beach I have ever seen.

Places to Eat

Sammy’s is a small restaurant off the beaten path in Rock Sound. If you want local food and will a fun Bahamian atmosphere. I love going here because the people are so friendly! And they have good food.

Shari’s Restaurant has the best fried chicken you will ever have. I have been living in North Florida and explored all the south; it is still the best-fried chicken I have ever had. Don’t be deceived by the building it looks like a home. The restaurant doesn’t have the best decor. But you will get the best Bahamian food! They don’t sell alcohol, but you can go across the street to a white building with old men outside playing dominos is the local bar. Grab a beer and sit outside on the picnic benches and watch the small town.

Frigate’s Bar and Grill is a restaurant that is located in the Davis Harbor Marina. They have beautiful deck seating overlooking the marina. It is a great restaurant to stop on the way back from Lighthouse Beach.

Harbour Pointe Restaurant is part of the Cape Eleuthera Resort and Marina an elegant restaurant looking over the far South Western tip. It is adjacent to the pool. So you can get drinks at the pool and grab lunch. They have a great deck that overlooks the water.

Places to Stay

In the south Eleuthera, there is very little development. You can get a feel for the true Bahamas. There are really only two main options.

Rent a home in Cotton Bay and here is a link to some. They have beautiful homes that are maintained well. It was part of an old country club resort in the 1950s that has shut down. Here is a link.

The other option is Cape Eleuthera Resort and Marina which has two bedrooms and a fun kitchen. It is a great place you can use that as a base to explore south Eleuthera. There are a pool and a restaurant there as well. My family stayed there when they would come visit me. Here is the link.


I have to tell you a little about conch. As a marine biologist, I will tell you a little warning that it is endangered. It is a delicacy in the Bahamas. The locals have been eating conch for years. I do believe in trying new things and eating what the locals eat, but don’t have it for every meal. Conch is an endangered and could be extinct. Conch use to be abundant in the Keys but now it is extremely hard to find a conch in the wild. Most of the time if you are eating Conch it can be a juvenile. This means that because of the demand of Conch fisherman are getting smaller Conchs that aren’t able to reproduce. This will cause the speciesto become extinct. 

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Central Eleuthera, Bahamas

When I travel, I love to learn a little about the history and culture. I think it is so important to learn.

A Little History 

Eleuthera was founded in 1648. It is known as the birthplace of the Bahamas. A group of Puritans called the Eleuthera adventurers sailed from Bermuda in search of religious freedom.  They first arrived at the north end of the Eleuthera. They settled at a place called peachers cave. The adventures call their new place “Eleuthera” which means freedom.

Originally Eleuthera was occupied by Lucayan Indians. Not much is known about the Lucayans, they were enslaved by the Spanish in the 1500s.

Places to Stay

French Leave Resort

The Cove

Pineapple Fields Resort

La Bougainvillea

You can always check out Airbnb!


I’m wearing an old dress but similar here and here, and illesteva sunglass. I bought the bag on the island here and here is a similar bag.

Things to do

The best way to see the Eleuthera is to rent a car and drive the island. I’m going to list things to do North to the South.

Preachers Cave – it is a cave where the Eleuthera Adventures arrived and used to as shelter.

Saphire Blue Hole– blue holes are known to happen throughout the Bahamas. They are deep holes in the land or the ocean that can be thousands of feet deep. This one is near Preachers Cave, so it is great to do both. It is in the bush a, and there is a significant drop in a blue hole. There is a latter you can climb up after you jump. The water is so clear and blue it is really unbelievable.

Glass Window Bridge– Is the thinnest part of the island. You can see the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean.

The Queen’s Baths– They are a group of pools right after the Glass Window Bridge. You can hang in these pools that overlook the Atlantic Ocean. It’s best on calm days.



I have this suit on, and here are some similar ones too ( here and here).

Gregory Town– This little town is known as the surf town. It has great places to eat ( Laughing Lizard), and great places to shop ( Island made, and Pete Rebecca’s).  It is a great town to wander around and check out the little marina. During the spring there is a pineapple fest! Where they celebrate growing pineapples. The pineapples are different than most that you see, they are white and small, but they are sweeter and better!

Surfers Beach– Is the best place to surf on Eleuthera. There is a dirt road out to the beach, but you can walk if your car can’t go.

Hatch Bay Caves– Is a mile long, 3 level cave, the walls are covered with Graffiti. You may see an occasional bat. It is a neat cave. There are stories of pirates hiding treasure in the cave and Lucayans burying their dead.

Governors Harbour– This little harbor town that was historically the capital of the Bahamas. It has beautiful victorian homes painted with bright yellows, pinks, and blues. If you are there on a Friday night check out the fish fry. You can dance in the street and grilled fresh fish. Some of my favorite spots in Governor’s harbor:


The Cove– Is the only place on the island you can get sushi! So if you are staying there or want really good sushi check out this place!

1648 Bar and Grill– Great food right on the harbor overlooking the bay. It is a perfect place to watch the sunset.

Tippy’s- is on the Atlantic side of the island, great pizza, and large cocktails. They have a band on Saturdays! It is a great beach, go for a walk and swim.

Things to Check Out

The Library–  Was built in 1897, it has survived so many hurricanes. It is painted pink and turquoise. It is still a working library. You can walk around the neat old building, and look through the windows on the second floor to a beautiful view.

Here is a great link to check out more!

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