Winter brights

Valentines Day is coming up. I can’t wait for my boyfriend to visit. I love wearing this bright color in the winter. It brightens up my day and makes it feel a little less dark. A red sweater is a classic; you can wear a great red sweater all year round.  This color sweater also brings out the pattern in the mules. I love pairing a bright color with a classic pair of Levis jeans. I love these jeans I wear them all the time. They have a little stretch and a classic color blue.

I’m wearing Levi Jeans, Autumn Cashmere sweater old ( similar here and here), Joie mules, and Gigi bag.

A friend and I were driving to Thomasville, GA. It is a little town just over the Florida Georgia border. Sometimes when you are in graduate school, you just need a break from everything. It helps to go and get a change of scenery. On the way there we found this plantation. I love learning about a little history of the south. It is so different from California where I grew up.

It is so cool to see these old estates survive the wars, time, depression, generations, and so much more. They take so much pride in their gardens most of the plantations I have seen have these beautiful gardens. Can’t wait to have a picnic with my boyfriend there.



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Lazy Sunday…

Last Sunday, I wanted to just enjoy the time in San Francisco. So I just threw on some clothes went to brunch.We went to Rose’s it has a great breakfast pizza. Since I have gotten back from the Bahamas my hair is starting to get so dark. It’s so funny to look at these photos. It looks like I haven’t showered in days! I have this bright blonde bun. Sometimes I don’t shower until I workout that day so it motivates me to get to the gym (a little secret).

I’m wearing Margert O’leary sweater, Frame jeans, and Joie mules.

I got this new sweater from Margeret O’leary ( local San Francisco brand). It is so cute and it’s on sale (here). It is so easy, it’s a crop sweater and a turtleneck. I can’t wait to wear it with a cute skirt and knee-high boots. It’s not cashmere, but it is really warm and cozy.

I love this Joie shoes, they have faux fur on the inside and an awesome satin pattern. They are just such a cool twist on smoking shoes. They are so easy to slip on and run around in them. They give me a little style when I don’t want to try.

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Sunset at Stinson Beach

I’m now writing my masters thesis, so I don’t have to get back to Florida right as classes start, I can work from home. It is so much better to be at home. This beach was the start my inspiration to start my work on being a marine biologist. This beach is where I trained for lacrosse, where I learned to love the sea, where I go to escape stress, and it is my place. It is so important to have a “place” where you can escape the stress of the world.

Outfit details:

Madewell jeans, Blundstone boots, Calypso sweater old found one, but here and here are similar.

For me, this is a perfect place to escape from the San Francisco. I’m not a big city person, but it is easier to live in San Francisco than out of the city for parking and access to work. But it is important to find places you can escape. For me, I love to look out on to the ocean or to hike through the woods. Find your happy place.


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3 go to Patagonia coats for fall

It’s finally getting cold. I always need to layer. It is so easy to through a down coat in my backpack that is light and easy. Here are some of my favorite Patagonia jackets.

The Better Sweater is a classic. This coat is so cozy, and perfect for every day. It is a great layering sweater. It is a perfect combination of a fleece and sweater.


The Ultralight Down Hoody was my favorite on the Kilimanjaro and I have been wearing it at night when it gets colder in the fall.  I love throwing this on after a run or a sweater to help block the wind.

My favorite jacket is the Radalie Jacket. This coat is perfect when I want a little style. Walking around town and going to events without looking too outdoorsy. I got it in a hunter green, which looks great with jeans.

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